Yeast Infection can Ruin Your Life, Causes of Yeast Infections

Published: 24th March 2010
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A vaginal yeast infection can ruin your life and make them be very self-conscious. Typically, more women tend to have yeast infections than a man. Men can contract infections from their sexual partners during liaisons.

To get a better understanding of the causes of yeast infections, would be helpful if we know that yeast, which is a type of fungus, can be found everywhere. They thrive in hot and humid. Fungus comes in various types. Most of them are harmless and some even have good uses, such as mushrooms and truffles. However, a very small number of yeast cultures are potentially unpleasant for us and may develop fungal infections.

Damage to the skin surface is one of the most common causes of fungal infections. Heat and humidity can cause damage to the skin surface. When the skin warm and moist surfaces rub together, he breaks the protective layers and provides opportunities for the yeast to invade the skin. Areas under the skin folds are prone to this problem, as under the breasts, the armpits, groin, or between the toes. People, who spend many hours working in wet areas such as the kitchen, are prone to yeast infections.

The Typical symptoms of vaginal yeast infections are inflammation in and around the vagina. There may be red spots or rash near the vagina, discomfort or burning when urinating. Normal vaginal fluid will change with an infection becomes more dense, non-transparent and fragrant. Women have described as looking like vaginal discharge cottage cheese. Yeast can pass from vagina to male organ and vagina or male organ in the mouth. When these infections are located in the mouth or throat, they are called "thrush." Some women find sex irritating, although condoms help stop the spread of infections.

Candida yeast, a form of yeast thrives on high, dark environments, scrunched up like a wet towel. Sweaty, wet clothes make good environment and help to grow yeast. That said, there are a couple of things you can do to avoid an infection: dry quickly and thoroughly with a clean towel and dry after bathing or swimming. When you visit a doctor, one of the first things she lets you know is that you should try to use 100 percent underwear that allows your body to get air. Please do not wear thongs, panties, very tight clothing, and regular exercise can prevent vaginal yeast infections. The old advice to use cotton underwear was not ineffective in my case. This will help the symptoms go from bad to worse. It is also a good idea to wear pajamas in loose-fitting clothes to bed. It's a possibility, however, to get rid of a yeast infection completely, with a combination of symptoms such as rashes, swelling, itching, tiredness, vaginal secretions, memory loss and urinary problems.

About 70% of women suffer or have suffered from yeast infections, not knowing what is making you feel so bad. You can relieve the symptoms of fungal infections, using creams and lotions that you receive from your doctor, but this does not eliminate a yeast infection and relief is typically short term.

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