Swami Ramdev Ji and His Divya Medicines

Published: 30th August 2009
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Swami Ramdev Ji and His Divya Medicines

If anyone is wondering if such a person exists, "the virtuous golden wonder from India", His godliness Swami Ramdev who has transformed India to wake up to a healthy tomorrow, is the answer! Swami Ramdev was initiated in the abstinent order on the banks of the sacred River Ganga. He conventional Divya Medicines for man kind and Eastablished Divya Yog Mandir Trust in 1995 with the help of Muktanand Maharaj and Acharya Balkrishen. His kindness, loving nature and dedication to serve humanity have won him an enormous following in India and all over the World, just within a short period! He is highly proficient in Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy, Sanskrit and yog practice. Yog is an ancient Indian art that has been in practice for over 5000 years. But it was Saint Patanjali who compiled it so that the common man could understand it and called it the Ashtanga yog, the eight yogic practices, that brings about the positive way of thinking. Swami Ramdev follows in the footsteps of Maharshi Patanjali and he brought it to the masses, in the form of simple Pranayam and Asanas. Though Pranayam was known to be an essential part of Yog practice, it was seldom given the pride of place it deserved. Swami Ramdev can exclusively take the credit for changing the image of yog & its practice.

The benefits are continuous to those who complete these exercises. Manipulation of breathing pattern will improve transmission of impulses resulting in functional changes leading to increase in immunity and finally evolved state of endless bliss. Various systems in the body improve maintaining good health and treatment of ailments to those who are in poor health. Diseases like asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, allergy and Hay fever, migraine, diseases pertaining to lungs, heart and brain are cured by doing Pranayam, at least 10 to 15 minutes, twice daily; improvement in Parkinsons disease, eye sight and memory also are noted; hair loss and premature graying are relieved by rubbing ones nails - impulses are sent through the pressure points.

There were many patients in the audience at each venue who were completely cured of various ailments such as asthma, hypertension, migraine, diabetes, high cholesterol, hay fever, fibroid uterus, skin conditions such as leucoderma, psoriasis, eczema, ovarian cysts, and improvement in nervous disorders. The unmistakable improvement in spinal ailments, paralysis and especially in Parkinsons was reassuring to many of the sufferers who attended the venue. Swami Ramdev, who brought Pranayam to the forefront, believes in Pranayam and asanas to remain healthy and get rid of diseases, quite different to the earlier concept of Asanas being the main component and thereby giving Pranayam a subsidiary role!

The swami has encouraged individuals to live simple lives while eating purely simple vegetarian food. He has conducted numerous charity works and opened hospitals, schools and education to promote yoga. The yoga camp conducted by swamiji takes into consideration of the poor. His organization provides free help in the form of boarding, medicine and treatment for those who cannot afford the treatment.

Some Divya Medicines by Swami ramdev ji:

Divya Amla Churna for Eyes, Digestion and General Health

Amla or amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica) is full of medicinal actions and is considered as one of the richest possible natural source of vitamin 'C' or ascorbic acid. It also contains many necessary elements for keeping our body healthy and anti to germs and infections.

Divya Arshakalp Vati for Piles

* It helps in curing all types of piles like bleeding piles as well as dry piles

* Helps in relieving complications like pain, burning sensation, itching and colic pain.

* Helps in treating fistula-in-ano if taken regularly.

Swami Ramdev Medicine - Divya Arshakalp Vati for Piles. It helps in curing all types of piles like bleeding piles & helps in relieving complications like pain, burning sensation, itching and colic pain.

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