Menstrual Irregularities causes and treatment

Published: 06th September 2009
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Menstrual Irregularities causes and treatment

The majority women will possibly suffer from menstrual irregularities at some position in their life time. A woman's life can be radically disturbed by menstrual irregularities, and the problem can aggravate if not given the necessary awareness. You'll find some useful and important information about menstrual irregularities.

What are Menstrual Irregularities?

Menstrual Irregularities affecting a woman and can be very disturbing.

Women normally keep a period pattern, yet no one is completely regular. Periods can vary from 20 to 35 days, but you are considered normal if your periods occur at roughly the same date each month. At a certain age, the frequency between periods starts irregular considerably, making them extremely difficult or even impossible.

Menstrual irregularities problems are also known as an ovulatory time. It means that women do not properly grow and release a mature egg every month as they normally should. For the reason that all women respond differently, menstrual irregularities can occur in dissimilar forms.

Irregular cycles concern more women than previously thought. In most cases, this disorder in the system of ovulation suddenly appears before disappearing in the same way. It may be linked to various diseases: diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease or a deficiency of estrogen or overweight or lack of female hormones etc.....

However for other women, things look more problematical and the difficulty of knowing. Therefore to evaluate the period of ovulation, make it difficult to find the right moment to make a baby and it might even be a dream that is not possible for some. Indeed, the causes of a long absence of menstrual cycle could be more serious and have consequences on your fertility.

*When you experience premenstrual or menstrual symptoms, like backaches, mood swings, bloating, or fatigue.

* The severity of your menstrual pain

* When your period starts.

* How light or heavy your menstrual flow is.

* When your period ends.

Causes of Irregular Periods include various symptoms:

• There is too much pain during the menstrual cycle.

• The cycle used to arrive too early or too late.

• The cycle lasts for too long or too short each time.

• The amount of blood flow is too much or too little.

• Menstrual irregularities can be artificially induced by using birth-control pills.

Menstrual irregularities can result in the following conditions:

• If irregularities persist for a long time, it may result in reduced fertility.

• Emotional ups and downs usually accompany irregular menstrual cycles.

A menstrual treatment should address four things: regulate the cycle, nourish the blood, strengthen the kidneys/xxx organs and reduce pain.

What Causes Menstrual Irregularities?

Anxiety and other forms of emotional daily stress, overwork and fatigue can cause menstrual irregularities. If factors are not controlled, they can threaten you emotionally, thus upsetting the balance of your bodily functions and start changes that will lead to menstrual irregularities. Keep in mind, however, that the physical causes of menstrual irregularities are much more frequent.

Hormones like estrogen and progesterone have an explicit effect on your menstruation since they regulate the ovulation during the menstrual cycle. Without a reasonable level of hormones in their bodies, women are unable to properly ovulate, resulting in abnormal menstruation that will lead to menstrual irregularities. So maintaining healthy hormone levels are important to avoid and control menstrual irregularities.

What steps to take for controlling menstrual irregularities?

Menstrual irregularities origin by anxiety, stress, overwork and fatigue should be treated by taking rest, joy time and integrating an exercise program in your daily routine. Keep in mind physical treatments is the best option for managing menstrual irregularities.

Menstrual irregularities are probably caused by imbalanced hormonal levels, so maintaining healthy amounts of hormones is a must. There are number of ways to manage menstrual irregularities, but the best way is by combining remedy such as "lifestyle approaches" and alternative medicine.

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