Liver Cirrhosis, Home Remedies for Cirrhosis

Published: 07th May 2010
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Liver is one of the most intelligent organs of the body points out that many functions simultaneously. It produces bile, which is in the intestine and helps in food digestion. To excrete waste and toxic substances from the body, produces cholesterol and makes proteins that help in the repair of old tissues and building of new tissue in the body. There are about four liver diseases.

Liver cirrhosis
Liver cirrhosis is a serious liver dysfunction disease. In this disease liver contracts in size and becomes hard and leathery. This contraction in size is due to the loss of cells through cell replacement.

Causes of cirrhosis
* Excessive consumption of alcohol
* Taking quinine for longer time
* Chronic hepatitis virus - hepatitis b and c infect and damage the liver
* Bile duct blockage
* Autoimmune hepatitis
* Different inherited disease like cystic fibrosis, alpha ° c 1 antitrypsin deficiency can also lead to cirrhosis

Home remedies for cirrhosis
* Wash 4-5 leaves of sacred fig. Porridge with sugar candy and mix them in 250-300 mg of water, drink twice a day after the screening of the mixture for liver care.
* Decrease fat intake of 30-40 grams per day as damage in the liver, bile secretion and digestion is affected, hindering the absorption of fat.
* Take one teaspoonful of glucose in one cup water three times daily in the morning, afternoon or night care for liver.
* Take juice of 2 oranges empty stomach for 7-8 days for liver treatment.
* Take 50-70 grams of white radish leaves and stem, add sugar candy, and drink it in every morning on an empty stomach to liver maintenance.
* Daily intake of a pinch of roasted alum with buttermilk twice or thrice daily is very beneficial in the liver, treatment and care of the liver.
* Squeeze a lemon in 100 grams of water and add a pinch of salt, they drink three times a day for 20-30 days.
* Buttermilk with a little salt and cumin seeds roasted in powder form is beneficial for liver care.
* Alcoholic beverages in small quantities should not be taken.
* If a white-colored glass bottle filled with water in the sun for 8-9 hours and drink it after cooling.
* High carbohydrate intake is advisable to get to the good amount of energy.
* Mix one tablespoon of juice of black seeds of papaya with ten drops of fresh lime juice and drink it twice a day for a month.
* Avoid fried foods, turmeric, red peppers and spicy foods, as they are harmful to the liver and stomach.
Mix * 300-350ml of carrot juice with 100 ml of spinach juice or cucumber juice and have it every day for liver treatment.

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