Herbal Remedies for Genital Herpes Treatment

Published: 26th March 2010
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The Herpes genital appears with small red circular erosions, which are small spot when broken with light pressure, run clear liquid. The lesion is painful. The genital herpes is probably the most common sexually-transmitted infection. The HSV-2 usually affects the genital area.

Herpes simplex is an infectious disease caused by various types of related viruses. It causes swelling, blisters, and then sores in the mucous membranes or skin areas, usually in small spots, but the attack could be developed in greater damage. The lesions usually affect only the outer layer of skin, and shallow in the underlying layer of skin.

Herpes is more common on the lips, around the mouth and just inside the mouth. The genital and rectal areas are also often affected. Herpes can attack, but no other area of skin or mucous region. Herpes infection in the eye is rare but can cause blindness, and herpes can sometimes cause a dangerous infection of the brain.

The herpes lesions often cause tickling sensations during epidemic burning, itching or pain stick later. The pain from the attack of herpes genital area and other sensitive areas can be very intense.

There are many versions of the herpes virus and the different versions tend to attack different areas of the body. The type HSV-1 attack mostly around the mouth and HSV-2 is mostly the genital area.

The attack does not leave marks, unless the attack is severe and affect the deeper layers of skin. Herpes tend to recur in and around the same area throughout its life, but the frequency and severity of attacks often decreases as the years pass.

Herpes is usually transmitted by direct skin contact or through sexual contact. When a virus attacks a part of the skin, itself introduces the epidermal cells. There multiply and destroy the cells so that the skin at that location is dissolved. Some of the virus introduce themselves also regard the end of nerve cells. From there it moved up the nerve cell body cell which is the nucleus of cells.

In later times, when something triggered the nerve cell begins to copy the viral genome that has its own, to make new viral proteins and assembles new virus particles. The recently produced virus then transferred down the skin where they enter and infect new cells in the skin, and then also new nerve cells.

These new means of attacks tend to occur when a person is stressed by some effects, for example injury to skin, another infectious disease, psychological stress or physical and mental exhaustion. A common cold will often cause an outbreak of herpes. In some countries called herpes therefore "cold sores".

The body will become immune to the virus but the immune system fail to clean up the internal parts of nerve cells for viral material, so new attacks from viruses produced in the nerve cells can not be completely prevented. If the immune system is quite effective, but can stop new attacks before a visible injury occurred.

Prevention and treatment for HERPES:
Herpes infection may be somewhat hampered by avoiding contact with skin areas of other persons who have herpes outbreak. A person who is impaired herpes can also prevent the transmission to new areas of the skin and prevent others from touching the lesions by hand and then transmit the virus contact with the hand is very important to prevent injuries or sensitive skin or mucous membranes come into contact with the virus.

The odds of winning herpes in the first place and constantly new versions of the herpes infection can be reduced by having only one sexual partner at the time. Using a condom can also help to prevent genital herpes.

Holding an attacked area clean and try to also help prevent the spread of the virus and to accelerate healing.

New outbreaks can often be prevented with a healthy lifestyle on good nutrition, the right amount of exercise, enough rest and sleep and avoiding excessive mental and physical stress. Avoiding getting colds and other infections often will also prevent new cases of herpes.

In severe pain from herpes lesions, Use Vitamin E Oil on the infected skin area and put some crushed raw garlic over it. Cover it with an adhesive tape. The wart will fall within a week.
Apply more home remedies for genital warts Treatment:
1- Aloe Vera juice.
2- White cabbage juice.
3- Cayenne extract.
4- Dandelion juice.
5- Mandrake tea.
6- Use garlic to boost your immune system.
7- Red clover and papaya.
8- Rub a banana peel on infected area couple times a day.

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