Flatulence or Gas Problem, Remedies for gas problem

Published: 02nd June 2010
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Distension of the abdominal wall that resulted from the swelling of the stomach and intestine, or both at once, for gas produced in its interior.

Causes of flatulence or gas problem
Among some of the causes that may lead to excess gas include the following:

Flatulence can be caused by abnormal processes of fermentation and putrefaction of intestinal origin dyspeptic.

An excessive amount of gases can also be produced by excessive intake of certain foods beans, chestnuts, chickpeas, etc...

A bad chewing food.

Eating too fast.

Eating in a disturbed emotional state.

A bad combination of food, etc...

Natural Medicine for the gas supply
Before anything is inevitable to correct some bad habits. These highlight the food in hurry or inadequate chewing of food.

However, one of the best remedies against the gas is to follow a proper combination of foods as we allow the stomach to prevent the conflict enzyme that facilitates proper digestion of these. The combination of foods will find how to combine them to avoid excessive gas or flatulence.

Some useful food remedies for gas are:
Artichoke: Prevents flatulence production in the small intestine caused by poor digestion of fats. Promotes proper functioning of the gallbladder and liver. It is preferable to eat them raw because they themselves do not produce gases and then boiled.

Leeks: They contain 72% of alkaline salts. Excellence and diuretics are recommended as the onions to washing the body of waste. They are useful against sterility, gases, menopausal hot flashes, increase secretion act.

The Papaya Pin and have a good amount of digestive enzymes that can facilitate digestion.

Coconut milk and carrot juice are also very useful for colitis, gastritis and gas.

Another juice may be of beetroot and cabbage with lactic acid.

The whey is effective against diarrhea and flatulence. Normalizes the intestinal gas and heartburn calm.

Natural Medicine for indigestion with gas and Medicinal Plants

Chamomile, Melissa, Anis, fennel, Berberis, Absinthe, Garlic, Starchy if there is gas and distillate, Fumaria, Mallow, Horsetail.

Especially for gas: Angela, Mint, Mugwort.

Natural gas for Medical Hydrotherapy

Including abdominal Applies especially the belly a towel or cloth soaked in cold water and squeezed. Cover with cloth or towel in the form of wool or belt to hold. Better to rest after meals.

Indications: stomach ulcers, intestinal spasms, meteorism, disorders of the biliary tract, chronic inflammation of the gallbladder disorders during menstruation. Duration of implementation: 30 minutes at least.

Natural Medicine:

- Help to regenerate the symbiotic intestinal flora friendly bacteria present in the intestinal tract.

- Reduces flatulence and bad breath caused by intestinal putrefactions.

- Help eliminate pathogenic micro-organism and its toxins in the digestive tract

The activated carbon. Absorbs the toxic substances that accompany the food. Draws toxins to the surface, to absorb before its structure. Absorbs the intestinal gas.

Sodium: When we have gas, dyspepsia, belching.

See how gastric natural remedies helps in digesting the food. With the right remedies for gastric problems you can easily get rid of the pain. And more on natural medicine for indigestion

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