Constipation Treatments, Speed up Bowel Movements

Published: 21st May 2010
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Constipation is a reduced frequency of stools in less than three weeks and the need for significantly increased application of pressure to achieve defecation.

The situation where the delay to make the bowel, the feces where they remain for long in colon dehydrated and become dry and hard.

Constipation is a result of malfunction of the digestive system for emptying the bowel. The gastrointestinal route of human 7 meters in length, from mouth to anus. These seven measures are cramped in the confined space of the abdomen, where a height of about 60 cm.

Constipation has confused many people because they do not know if you have constipation or not. This confusion comes from doctors and other physicians say they should have a bowel movement every day. And, that is okay if you only have one every 2-3 days. Yes, those in the natural health field say that you must have one for every meal you eat everyday.

The natural movement of the food you eat by the time you enter the mouth at the time you are the anus, is approximately 20-28 hours. This period will depend on what you eat. Fruits and vegetables are moving very quickly and carbohydrate and protein move slower through your digestive system.

If you eat three solid meals a day, then you should expect to have at least two bowel movements per day and a maximum of three. If not, then there is something that slows the movement of food through your gastrointestinal track you. Here are two constipation natural remedies you can use to speed up your bowel movements.

Constipation Treatments:
Using natural remedies constipation is one way to remedy the slow moving food through your digestive system. If your stools are hard and have a hard time eliminating the following should do two things to start.
Drink more water during the day - do not have to start 8 to 10 glasses a day. But I must add a few more glasses of drink normally and you can add eating more fruit juices - apple, cherry, peach, grape, or grapefruit juice.
Eat more fruits in the morning - fruit has a lot of fiber and photo nutrients that help keep your colon healthy you. The fiber in fruits will soften your stool. In addition, the fiber has the characteristic of drawing water. This fiber will soften your stools from the fiber has the water that attracts and embodies the stool.

There are many other treatments of constipation you can use to secure the normal bowel movement. The fiber is just one nutrient that you use to control bowel movement frequency..

Make sure you use natural fiber as found in fruits. This fiber is balanced and your body knows what to do with it. If you use fiber products pharmacies that are synthetic, your body knows how to use them and treat them as toxic matter.

Use constipation remedies that help with constipation, like all the different fruits available to you. The nice thing is that fruits contain about 70% more water. This water is distilled water and this means that the cleanest water you can drink and that should not drink so additional water.

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