Chronic Liver Disease, Be Aware of Liver Common Symptoms

Published: 25th March 2010
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Liver, just below the diaphragm, right side, approximately 2 kilograms in weight dark red color is a soft organ. Necessary to live a lot of chemical events occur here. Liver Duty: - The day is approximately 4 cups 1 liter secretes bile. - Fat, protein and regulates glucose metabolism. - The body's temperature settings. - Body in need of water and makes vitamin. - Oil, protein, sugar and blood is necessary for the construction materials store, Adjusts the amount of blood. - On the role of hormones is effective.

Liver can not make any of the above-mentioned tasks will become if, various diseases occur. One of the most important ones, liver failure, liver inflammation, liver cirrhosis, gallbladder stones and gallbladder inflammation is.

Chronic alcohol poisoning, chronic liver tract diseases, malaria, syphilis, jaundice in the case of diseases such as severe liver tissue is damaged.

Instead of the tissue collapsed connective tissue typical of cirrhosis occurs. Usually between the ages of 40-60 is seen in men.

Liver swelling:

Any liver disease during liver cell swelling and blockage of the bile duct as a result an emerging. In the language of medicine is called hepatitis jaundice. All the tissues of the patient or an even yellow white of eyes is painted. Urine becomes dark. Itching of the skin is visible.

Liver failure:

Liver the result does not do enough in common tasks is a disease. Symptoms of intestinal gas, abdominal swelling, pain in the right flank, nose, reddening, pale color, face and get spots such as freckles, strawberry tongue, bitter mouth, nausea, constipation, palpitation, swelling of the hands and feet, decreased vision and hearing can be seen. Urine color, dark mornings, the day is clear. Urine is much quit. Patient's chocolate, spicy foods, pickles, fried food, and should not eat fatty things.

Liver Common Symptoms of disease: The patient feels pains in the right flank are in excess of intestinal gas. Swollen abdomen, anus nasty smells coming out of gas. Skin color and sometimes it turns yellow eye whites. Spots on the face and hands are like freckles. Complains of indigestion. In the language of rust and bitterness in the mouth feels in the morning. Breath also smells. Feels pain in the neck in the morning. Palpitations, loss of appetite is. The color of yellow and dark urine in the morning, in the later hours, the clear and open. I often go to the urine. Calf muscles are sore. The hands and feet are swelling. Does not want to sleep at night. Vision and hearing or feeling weak.

• Digestive disorders, mild nausea, loss of appetite, gas first express symptoms.

• They then jaundice, abdominal dropsy, severe symptoms such as weight loss occurs.

• Leather the color of dirty yellow.

• Most of the time hemorrhoids bleeding are seen.


Abdominal bloating after seeing the treatment of cases not taken seriously go to the road, but unless the patient can live 3-4 years.

A diet rich in protein should be applied, as well liver should be given nutritious vitamins. Alcohol and fries type food should be forbidden.

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