Cellulite after Menopause why it occurs

Published: 27th April 2010
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Recently cellulite after menopause is a common difficulty was aged by women. For some women this condition does not affect your life for all. Moreover, many women out there will be wondering why they occur and what kind of treatment to prevent or at least reduce it. If you are wondering of cellulite after menopause, just take a look at the following information. Cellulite and menopause cellulite is hormonal Alterations.

How occur after menopause a woman? Physically hormonal changes occur over the life of the woman. The first big change is the hormonal puberty. Another circumstance is pregnancy, which alters the hormonal balance of the body. As a woman grows old, his body is no longer in a condition to bear children as a consequence of aging and hormonal changes that occur with age. Menopause in the appearance of cellulite is influenced by the conditions of human skin. In menopause the skin thin and have your tissue will lose its color. This condition causes the slowdown of your skin so your skin becomes more elastic not. That is why cellulite after menopause probably occurs.

Together with these changes, the connective tissue that holds the cells of total fat is inelastic. Where the skin thins, the fat cells bulge that becomes more visible, if there is any one episode of water retention or fat added. The flexibility of the skin, it hides the fat cells before menopause, stretches and thins after menopause. That is why cellulite is after menopause to a woman ages. First you do not see it, now you Do When the skin loses its ability to leap backwards; he loses and will not hold its own way again. The effect of smoothing the skin and less flexibility also causes cellulite to appear after menopause. Do it because the skin loses elasticity it, it loses its ability to cover the fat cells. As a result, which is below the skin, or the structure of bones, and circulation system of fat cells will become more evident after menopause.

Diet and exercise are preventive measures beginning of cellulite after menopause may be reduced with the use of a mixture of a balanced diet, nutritious and regular exercise. It can be bothered to find out cellulite in any case. However, to have it worse in menopause can be one of the blue and unwanted variations.
Your body functions will be maintained by proper nutrition, including the skin function, energized. The work will develop the practice throughout her body and will keep your skin as flexible as possible. In short, after menopause cellulite would not be a big dilemma for women aged each. While exercise and continue to choose the best food that contains no fat, cellulite is certain that after the menopause will not cost you more. For more information on the reduction of cellulite after menopause, please ask an important suggestion to nutritionist; exercise their instructor, the dermatologist.

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